In our sugar scrubs we use organic, non GMO sugar, organic fruit and scents, and organic sweet almond oil. The essential  oils (EO) are from a local herb store. (Sacred Moon Herbs). We make our  products as simple as possible so that customers actually know what they are putting on them selfs. Sugar scrubs help get rid of dead skin and moisturizes the new layer! After applying our sugar scrubs your skin will be as soft as a babies!

Our Ingrediants

Sugar Scrubs

             In our hair perfume we use aloe vera gel, EOs from the same local store as the sugar scrubs. It contains Lemon, Ylang Yalng, and lavender. It also has distilled water. This is good for dandruff and the scalp. It keeps the fuzz down with a swipe of your hand. It does not get hard and gross but instead it is soft and smooth.

Hair Perfume



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